Lednica Youth Celebration XV

XV Lednickie Spotkanie Młodych

The theme of Lednica Youth Celebration XV is You Know That I Love You.

Lednica 2000 Association would like to invite you to Lednica Youth Celebration XV. We will gather at St. Rosalie parish at 4401 N. Oak Park in Harwood Heights, IL on Saturday, June 15, 2019.

"You know that I love you" is the theme of this year’s Celebration and it bears resemblance to confession of Saint Peter, on which Lednica Movement is built. This time, however, we want Lednica pilgrims to hear these words, as a declaration of love, spoken by God to each one of us: "You know that I love you."

In preparation of the June Celebration, inspired by the intuition of the first chaplain of Lednica, fr. Jan Góra OP, we draw motifs from the speech of St. John Paul II, delivered to young people in Krakow in 1987. The Holy Father spoke about the "breakthrough force", the power to wrestle the strife of everyday life, the challenges of a young life. The Pope explained then, where this kind of force comes from: "a person is strong when she/he knows she/he is loved."

The message of St. John Paul II, instilled upon us a desire to make this year's Celebration an admiration of the treasures that the Church offers to us – the confession and the Eucharist. These are the two sacraments in which Christ says, "I love you!" to every one of us. In those sacraments, through faith, we experience His love almost tangibly. Knowing, that we are loved by God, we have the strength to go forward with our life.

June 15, 2019
5:30 pm - 11:00 pm
St. Rosalie Parish
    4401 N. Oak Park
    Harwood Heights, IL 60706



5:30 PM - Welcome

5:45 PM
Part I - I will tell you about Confession
Part II - I will tell you about the Eucharist

7:30 PM Eucharist
The hour of St. John Paul II

9:30 PM
Part III - I will tell you about Love
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
The choice of Christ
Passage through the Gate of the Third Millennium