Dear Friends,

The Lednica 2000 Association would like to invite you to our Lednica Youth Celebration XIII on Saturday, June 10, 2017 at St. Rosalie Parish from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

The theme of Lednica Youth Celebration XIII is Go and Love. It connects greatly to the theme of the 2017 Annual Catholic Appeal Love your Neighbor as Yourself, as Lednica is searching for ways to bring and spread Christ’s love into our schools, workplaces and daily activities in the Year of Mercy.

The Lednica 2000 Association in Chicago is a part of the Lednica Movement in Poland inspired by Saint John Paul II and founded by Fr. Jan Wojciech Góra, a Dominican friar. The Lednica Movement centers on a huge annual gathering where young people meet to sing and pray on the shores of the lake Lednica. The lake has enormous significance for Polish culture and the Church in Poland. On the island in Lake Lednica, in 966 AD, the Polish nation was baptized into Christianity through its ruler, Mieszko I.

In anticipation of the Pope’s pilgrimage to Poland in 1997, a massive steel gate in the shape of a fish was constructed at Lednica. By passing through the fish, an ancient Christian emblem, believers could symbolically renew their baptism and express their faith.

The Lednica Movement proposes the choice of Christ as a fundamental life decision. The Gospel and teaching of Saint John Paul II, particularly his letters sent to young people gathered at Lednica Fields between 1997-2004, are the essence of the Movement. The Pope’s letters to Lednica became the basis for Lednica’s program of the development of an integrated personality of a young person, the formation program of the Lednica Movement.

Program of our Celebration:
5:30 pm – Welcome and formation of community
Service Our Lady of Czestochowa
7:00 pm – Holy Mass
Service You Are Zaccheus
Choice of Christ
Passing through the gate in the shape of a fish

Come and join us in celebration of our Catholic faith through prayer, singing and dancing!

God Bless,
Jolanta Waśko

President of Lednica 2000 Association